Current version: 1.5 | Download v1.5 | README for v1.5

Welcome to the ultra-minimalist website for N-SoCS: the Non-Shitty openCanvas Server!

This webpage is really quite devoid of information. If you would like to know more about the project, please click on the README link above. If you would like to download the program and give it a try, please, by all means; this project is freeware and may be legally distributed (as long as the readme file is included).

Recent Updates:
(July 03 2007) Updated N-SoCS v1.5.
Quick recovery mode is broken, so I've disabled it in the default config until I have time to repair it.

(Mar. 11 2007) N-SoCS v1.5 released.
Download v1.5 | README for v1.5

(Oct. 13 2006) N-SoCS v1.0 made public.
Download v1.0 | README for v1.0

If you have any issues, suggestions, or comments, I love feedback! Please drop me a line at brokenwingx9 at gmail (etc.). Thanks!